A new life (?)



(have this girl gone crazy or what?)

lol no lah.

It's just that today, Allah suddenly opened up my heart to install blogger in my phone as I felt like continue writing things out instead of putting them all in a bottle and ensconce it in my heart so that it could eat me up.

But what I found is all the published entries from my 13-14 year old self.
I just can't stop laughing. Omg!! Hahaha the next photographer?! What is with all these-literally- edited picture (though I have to admit they are pretty nice) and all those whiny posts about puppy love and boys and how ugly you are and friends. (I save them as draft because it is too embarrasing)


Dear Allah, if you let me travel to my past, all I want to do is to give my 13-14 year old self a high five.

It is because you, my dear-whiny desperate for love and boys attention- prefer to call herself ugly- girl, I've become more confident and less desperate for boys today.

Alhamdulillah, I am happy now ^^,  I feel like I am pretty now and the only attention that I'm craving for is Allah. Though there were times I waver from my real attention to live in this world, Alhamdulillah, He never failed to guide me back to Him.
Dear 13-14 years old Nur Amirah Adriana, I wish I could tell you that life is so beautiful when you put Allah first. You could really appreciate yourself easily. All the flaws and all your perfections.
I forgive you, my dear younger version, for your desperation to cling to this dunya, for your clumsiness, your whines and those photos of you exposing you aurat and not wearing the right attire. =} (deleted!)

You've done mistakes that InsyaAllah I'll never repeat. You've made bad choices that have thought me how to choose wisely and all those times you've called yourself stupid and ugly... I forgive those times too.

Now you should know, my dear, that you've grown to be a wonderful, smart, tall, and cute/pretty girl. Still a bit clumsy and sometimes thoughtless but insyaAllah she will change just like how you changed. For the better.

You've done a great job Mira Driana. Now its TIW2SBC to take over the steering wheel.
Assalammualaikum ^^