berkata Ibnul Qayyim al-Jauziyah, "Allah SWT cemburu terhadap hati hamba-Nya yang mengabaikan cinta, harap dan takut kepada-Nya, dan ada sesuatu yang lain di hatinya selain Dia."

(I do not understand why is it I'm finding this saying to be so cute)

From instagram @gemsofjannah

Every affair, every matter in your life is decreed by your Lord, Most Merciful.
Everything He does, everthing He allows, He knows the wisdom behind it.
Everything that He holds back, that He prevents, is an act of wisdom.
Certain things He will grant, things He knows are right for you, whereas others He won't grant so hastily because it may cause more harm than good.

So much time is spent worrying and fretting over what we want, yet little time is spent asking Allah for what is best for us.
The specific things which we ask Allah for today, how do we ascertain we will be content with them in ten years time? We don't.
Hence there is much wisdom in asking Allah not for what we want, but for what He considers best for us and our circumstances.

Do not be disheartened by a delayed response or a prayer not granted in the manner that you hope for.
Know that He is Most Wise and knows what will suffice you.
He knows what you are seeking before the desire enters your heart.
Our judgement is often clouded by emotions, whereas Allah's judgement is always just, forever fair.

Learn to trust His judgement.
If He knows any good in your heart, He will give you better than that which was taken from you.



From instagram @muslim.daily

��Follow the Sunnah, not society��
Our society nowadays is messed up, like yesterday when I was coming home from gym and waiting at the bus stop for like 15/20 minutes just reflecting on everything I was seeing. Saturday night and Friday night as you may know are party nights for the British people, As I was waiting at the bus stop all I could see was men and women coming into to town dressed ready for a party.
People say that muslim women are oppressed, but I say the women in the west are the ones who are oppressed. They're oppressed by the views of society, they dress and they act to please society and to fit into society. Like yesterday in town all you'd see is women in quite revealing clothes and high heels on a cold winter night, i just don't understand how anyone with any sense would wear such things on a winter night, they can hardly walk in the high heels, they're freezing cold in their dresses yet they still wear them, why? Because they're oppressed by the views of society and the views of Men. After midnight they go home drunk hardly knowing what has happened to them. Are these the British values that David Cameron wants to teach us Muslim?
Our women choose to cover up because they have the freedom to cover up and that is the command of Allah. If islam really was oppressive towards women then why would the majority of new reverts to islam be women? No one forces these women to revert to islam but they choose to because they see the truth behind Islam and how it frees them from the shackles of society and liberated them. No wonder islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.
Just remember, it is not the cloth that oppresses the woman, but it is the illiterate mind. We live in a society where some women are paid to be naked whilst others are fined for being covered. We as Muslims follow the commands of Allah, the sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him, and the sunnah of the Sahaba, not the sunnah of David Cameron or Obama.