South Korea


Alhamdulillah around April... or was it march...? My family was blessed with the opportunity to go on a vacation in Korea for the first time in yeaaaaaarrrrrssssssssssssssssssss. It was Elya's request to go there and my parents told her to consider it as a birthday gift. Her birthday gift is by far the most expensive among us siblings but why should we complain? Because we too get to tag along hohoho.

My mom advice us to take this trip as a lesson for us, for we should know what it feel like to live in another country where the Muslims percentage is below 50%, feel the struggle of finding halal food and places to pray and not to mention wearing the hijab which is considered as taboo among these people.

Yeah sure, we enjoyed our time over there but the trip made me realized a few other unpleasant things. For example... the cold.


When we were in Korea, the season was around winter and spring, the transition from winter to spring if I'm correct. So there was no snow and little flowers... there is grass and there is the wind. I could probably say the wind is evil (that's just a saying) because it's COLD and then the wind had to make it worse by blowing COLD AIR to ma face! Like... BRRRRRRRRRR

It was so cold that I cried... yes... actually more like whining to my mom. I can't withstand this poo, I'm a southern Asian anyway dude. Then I thought, this is just the transition... what about winter? OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOO!!!! Mommy sorry, your daughter can't go study overseas. Hahahaha joking, insyaAllah if He granted me the oppurtunity, why not get my warm jacket and go to battle with winter eh?? Kehkehkehkeh

Another thing that I learnt from this trip is, people back home would regard you as rich if you go there. My friends, my cousins, my co-workers (why you had to tell you co-workers? because nak ambik cuti duh) and everybody will deem you as a rich Pitch.

But neh, I'm not. I don't really think so... hrmm... am I? Nope hahaha

I'm not guys, chill. If I am rich, I would have a huge bookshelf full of American/British imported novels. You know damn well how expensive those are. Huh. And it's not like I go overseas EVERY YEAR.

I guess I could call myself bless?

Yaa, okay, tata haha
assalammualaikum :)