Sem 3 of a UNIKL Diploma in Chemical Engineering Bioprocess student.


Well its the 10th of February 2017, result for semester 3 had just release roughly two and a half hours ago and I'm deeply grateful of the result that I've gotten as it was on par with the amount of work, time and dedication that I had given for this semester. 

On a side note, forgive my rusty English. I need to improve it within 3 days because on the 13th I have my MUET speaking test. Yeap, even cuti sem pon still struggle #lifeofauniversitystudent. 

Anyway, I won't lie to all you pimps out there who'd like to enroll in this university that everything is easy peasy. HELL NO! Every single semester from start to finish God and the university have set a plan to ruin you emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

What defers the challenges of this semester and the last one was: semester 2 challenged me with my mentality, emotions, and relationship with those people around me. Semester 3 was mainly academic challenges. For me okay. For me.

They were weeks whereby we'd go buy with just chasing deadlines for our lab reports but, god damn, also weeks and weeks of endless tsunami of assignments, lab report, quizzes and etc would just come crashing down out of nowhere. 

I've experienced 3 days of no sleep just to finish an OSHA video assignment. Mental breakdowns over finishing Marketing and Competition also Business Executive Summary for Introduction to Entrepreneurship subject, not only because I haven't finished it and the deadline is in 2 days but because at that very same evening I would have a Test in Transport Process. YEAP.

One could blame it on my bad time management skills but by week 10 I don't give a shit about all those stuff because all I want is to complete all this shitty task the lecturers and professor gave me and not give a damn if I get an A or not. However, my desire for submitting a top notch assignment often draws my health back and caused me not to sleep just so I could grab at least a pinch of perfection. 

Much deep, much wow. 

One thing I could say about semester 3 and all other semester is: choose your group mates wisely. I mean it, wisely. For a lack of better word, f*ck those who are lazy and whine and groan over the tasks the lecturers gave. I've met these people, worked with them during my semester 1 and 2, and though they are okay people to hang out with, they are definitely on my nope-not-you list. 

You need to work with people that have the drive to understand, complete and at least have empathy. It could not be denied that my teammates this semester were not perfect. We've had arguments and they've hurt my feelings and vice versa. 

However, why I like working with them was because they had empathy. They saw I've put so much weight on myself, and I won't blame it on them for this was simply my nature to munch on every single task and try to swallow it (often end up choking myself into tears and near deaths) , and they gave the support that I needed and also try their best to intervene my job and try to help. 

Most of the time, if we knew that one person is doing most of the job, we'd just treat that person and oh how many times my stomach was filled with pizzas, chocolates and etc. I wonder if this is bribery. I don't think so... 

Another advice: yeah you need GOD. No matter you Muslims, Jew, Christians, Buddhists and what not. No one and I mean it, no one can move and soften the hearts of your lecturers to move the deadline for a few more days and no one can make them fall sick except... God. Yeap, I celebrate the day my lecturers won't be conducting class because I can use those precious time to either complete other tasks or sleep. 

Sickening thought? Go through sem 3 and you'll be asking the same damn thing. 

What else. What else. Oh yeah, my semester 3 resolutions were:
1. not get into an argument with anyone. (yeap did not achieve that)
2. Try to understand and not memorize what I learn ( Still, cannot grasp the concept behind Newton's Law of Cooling.)

Did I achieve it? I guess.........? Well at least I survived and base on my result I won't be meeting all of these subjects again. F*ck Yeah! 

I can't help cursing, sorry. I'm just so f*cking relieve its f*cking over. I should really try to not censor that. 

Here are the brief subjects and assignments that I remember doing. Don't expect this to be 100% accurate. Lecturers might change the course plan and add or, lucky you, lessen the assignments. 

1. Transport Process. 
  • Amazing Lecture. Dr Siti Fatimah. She is hip and young and always ready to help us understand the subject. 
  • 5 lab experiments. Like always, submit it after a week completing the experiment. You can definitely ask Dr Siti to assist you with "what the hell this experiment want?" question. 
  • A lot of calculations, theoretical facts about heat being transferred in terms of conduction, convection, and radiation. 
  • 2 tests. A video assignment. 2 written assignment. 

2. Occupational Safety And Health
  • Soooooooooo many facts. Little calculations. 
  • Better study through mind maps and when it is almost finals, just try to do past year questions. 
  • A lot of the carry marks depends on your assignment. During my time, it was about Occupational Safety and Health in either lab or workshops. They are 2 tasks, 1 is to make a video, another is a report. 
  • No lab experiments. 
3. Electrical Technology
  • 5 Lab experiments. 
  • I think I won't dive into this... sensitive course. haha. Entahla very... scandalous. so many problems with the lecturer's course plan but hey, my lecturer was....... okay..... 
  • Quite a lot of facts. More towards calculation. Very interesting topic of calculation in current flow, very fun for me... la.
  • We initially had 1 assignment but too many students plagiarized the assignment,  and my lecturer was not impressed and disappointed so she gave another one. Moral: jangan copy paste membabi buta, I mean you should probably know this by now, you are in semester 3 already. #facepalm. 
  • Also a video assignment. WEEE MORE VIDEOS TO EDIT. 
4. Thermodynamics
  • I dare say my favorite subject. People may roll their eyes but yeah it is definitely my favorite subject. Agak challenging tapi every single topic is, in one way or another, connected with each other. 
  • No lab experiments. 
  • We had to do a poster. Tak ingat ade written assignment ke tak. 
5. Basic Engineering Workshop.
  • If you got Sir Edy. You will only have 1 lecture class and he will be conducting that class just to tell you that this is the first and final lecture class. Yes. 
  • We only focus on doing workshops. Meaning that you have to bend metals, operate the scary Vertical Milling Machine which increases the chances of you losing a hand but alhamdulillah all was well. No one, at least in my class got hurt. 
  • They were.... I think... 4 experiment that was done in groups and ... 3 experiments done individually. Better perfect your creation because the end result of your experiment/ project gave the majority of your marks. 
  • I did not get any assignment so most of the marks depend on your workshop project. 
6. Technical Mathematics 3
  • Dare I say, the easiest and least favorite of mine. Bitching much?
  • More towards statistic. 
  • I was so bored out of this class despite learning about new stuff, therefore I never did my tutorials at home, always in class and the lecturer would just eye me feeling displeased. 
  • Just 1 assignment. 
  • One thing I love about this lecturer is that she is veryyyy organized. She has a plan and follows it. Also, expects everyone to follow it. But hey, she is the only lecturer that upload all the carry marks so I won't complain. 
7. Introduction to Entrepreneurship. 
  • You have to do a BUSINESS PLAN, an assignment that stretches out until week 14 yet students still opt to finish it 2 days before the deadline. You also have to do a presentation for the business plan. 
  • Just submit certain tutorial and cram your brain with facts. 
  • For finals: just do past year papers and do study what the lecturer hinted.
  • Boleh tahan... best dengar lecturer talk about business and what not. However, I still question why I'm learning this when it does not have anything to do with my course. ( Chemical Engineering Bioprocess nampak entreprenuer tak? tak kan.) 
8. Communication English 2
  • Preparing ourselves for Job Interview and Final Year Project.
  • We had to write a job resume, a letter of something something.. I can not remember and then dress up formally and wear makeup (for women yeah) for mock job interviews. 
  • For FYP, we just pick out an experiment that we had done before. Adjust here and there to match the format for Communcation English. Trust me, memang lain. Did a presentation and submit our report.