South Korea


Alhamdulillah around April... or was it march...? My family was blessed with the opportunity to go on a vacation in Korea for the first time in yeaaaaaarrrrrssssssssssssssssssss. It was Elya's request to go there and my parents told her to consider it as a birthday gift. Her birthday gift is by far the most expensive among us siblings but why should we complain? Because we too get to tag along hohoho.

My mom advice us to take this trip as a lesson for us, for we should know what it feel like to live in another country where the Muslims percentage is below 50%, feel the struggle of finding halal food and places to pray and not to mention wearing the hijab which is considered as taboo among these people.

Yeah sure, we enjoyed our time over there but the trip made me realized a few other unpleasant things. For example... the cold.


When we were in Korea, the season was around winter and spring, the transition from winter to spring if I'm correct. So there was no snow and little flowers... there is grass and there is the wind. I could probably say the wind is evil (that's just a saying) because it's COLD and then the wind had to make it worse by blowing COLD AIR to ma face! Like... BRRRRRRRRRR

It was so cold that I cried... yes... actually more like whining to my mom. I can't withstand this poo, I'm a southern Asian anyway dude. Then I thought, this is just the transition... what about winter? OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOO!!!! Mommy sorry, your daughter can't go study overseas. Hahahaha joking, insyaAllah if He granted me the oppurtunity, why not get my warm jacket and go to battle with winter eh?? Kehkehkehkeh

Another thing that I learnt from this trip is, people back home would regard you as rich if you go there. My friends, my cousins, my co-workers (why you had to tell you co-workers? because nak ambik cuti duh) and everybody will deem you as a rich Pitch.

But neh, I'm not. I don't really think so... hrmm... am I? Nope hahaha

I'm not guys, chill. If I am rich, I would have a huge bookshelf full of American/British imported novels. You know damn well how expensive those are. Huh. And it's not like I go overseas EVERY YEAR.

I guess I could call myself bless?

Yaa, okay, tata haha
assalammualaikum :)


Impian sebenar- METEOROLOGIST

insyaAllah bulan depan, tarikh 21 aku akan mula pengajian aku dekat UniKL dalam bidang Chemical Engineering Technology Bio Process. Sape2 yang dengar mestilah mcm fiuyoooo panjang giler nama course tu, engineer! technology! chemistry! wow 3 in 1. ceh takdelah semuaorg. haha

jadi sebelum aku mula pengajian aku... haha aku saja je nk luahkan atau cerita dekat korang impian aku yang sebenar.

Impian aku yang sebenar-benarnya adalah untuk menjadi ahli meteorologist, a fancy name untuk pengkaji cuaca/atmosfera. Tak silap aku ada beberapa class, satu sains atmosfera, kedua sains oseanografi dan ketiga geofizik. Aku nak join pack sains atmosfera. Aku nak belajar pasal langit, awan, misteri disebalik bentuk-bentuk awan itu, aliran angin monsoon dan mempunyai ability untuk bagitau orang "HARI NI AKAN HUJAN HOI! JANGAN SIDAI BAJU!" :D

Lol mira, macam mana kau boleh tetiba minat dengan langit pulak? 

Well,.. waktu tu aku form 5 dan baru je balik dari sekolah dan otw ada jam, aku lihat diluar tingkap kereta dan aku nampak satu view yang masyaAllah sangat... i mean TERLAMPAU cantik.

 Imagine clouds, enormous clumps of white cotton candy clouds just dangling lazily on the sky, imagine the clouds looks so fluffy on top yet it looks like it sits flat on a floor of invisibility, and the sky... masyaAllah the sky SO BLUE, SO VAST AND IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. Somehow I was fan-girling in my seat just by this view and I was like "OMG cantiknya langit ma, cantiknya ma. Ma tengok tu ma cantiknya!!!" and my mom was like "baik engkau kata MasyaAllah ataupun subhanAllah dari jerit camtu." (Yes terlampau cantik sampai aku kena describe dalam B.I) 

Yes, I did. I did dhikr in the passenger sit, just staring at the view in front of me and a few seconds later I was crying. I was crying because HIS creation is just too beautiful. Too beautiful that I admit I'm ugly if we are going to compare me with the lovely sky. Anyway, I've fallen in love with His creation but this time it was not a man and if you actually payed attention to me during form 5... you'd realize that this girl is always looking up at the sky as she walked to the morning assembly. Lepas itu, muka dia terus nampak refresh dan awak akan nampak dia senyum dengan riang (almost everytimelah)

Jadi, apa yang engkau akan buat bila engkau ada crush? Engkau nak belajar pasal crush engkau, stalk fb crush engkau, tangkap gmbr crush engkau and so on. Itulah apa yang aku buat. Aku tangkap gambar langit, aku akan tengok langit bila aku berada dibawahnya dan senyum mcm org gila apabila melihat keindahan ciptaan Tuhan. Kemudian aku ada keinginan untuk belajar and shout out to Nat Geo, you've helped me hook up with the word Meteorologist. 



Sadly, God has other plans for me as He made me realize through certain events that this dream of mine... may not cut out for me. Yeah, I guess so. I would probably end up in the mental institution because I've gone mad with the high rising heat waves statistic throughout the years and constantly make up theories as to when this earth will end. I might even commit suicide. I am going overboard. Okay chill out mira. 

Even though I won't get the chance to pursue this dream of mine, I'm fine. Though I did cry out of disappointment it won't stop me from trying my best in Bio Process. The only reason I'm accepting Bio Process is because of one word: Chemistry. Alhamdulillah, I have chemistry with Chemistry ;) I think I can pull it off. 

Would this be hard for me. Yes. Would I give up? Hope not. Whatever it is, I know... I'm sure Allah's plan is better than mine and insyaAllah HE'll help me to get through this :)


onward with the new dream!

Epic fail: I used to spell Meteorologist as Meterologist, because my brain cannot accept the fact that there is the word Meteor in Meteorologist and yet we are not learning anything about Meteors.


The straight Fs in Addmath

Aku ni tergolong dlm pelajar yg tk de harapan lulus addmath HAHAHA sebab dari peperiksaan pertama form 4 aku dh gagal. Terukkan? Mungkin bagi korang normallah tu fail tapi bagi aku benda ni mcm memalukan jugaklah sbb ramai je kwn aku atleast lulus addmath ujian 1. Ada jugak dpt B+ or A.
Dan kegagalan aku dlm addmath continue continue continue smpai ujian 2 form 5. YES. No matter how many times I burned the midnight oil for addmath.. Masuk je exam hall...blank.
Then again no matter how many times I failed addmath I could still find a reason to not give up on it. Pernah skali dpt 38 (Ujian 2 form 4) aku dh pikir "woaa lagi 2 markah je lulus" next exam turun 29 pastu gelak, gelak evil, aku jegil mata dkt kertas addmath aku tu pastu aku kata "next exam I'm gonna beat your ass". (tapi fail jugak utk akhir tahun form 4)
Percayalah waktu form 5 around nak masuk ujian ke-2 baru aku master quadratic equations and functions. Yup. Baru phm indices nk wat cmne, solutions of triangles and blablabla tapi fail jugak. hahaha Yet I still believed that I'll ditch F one day. Slps bbrp kali nangis dkt Tuhan, doa doa doa alhamdulillah (praise to God) HE gave me the most awesome Addmath teachers ever (school and tuition) they only came before trial SPM.
Finally, finally, finally after constant fails and optimistic thoughts that one day I'll slay addmath... I obtained a C+ in my trial. Waktu tu mcm FUYOOOOHHH aku igt D tapi C lah brader ada + pulak tuh dn nangis, nangis gembira. Unfortunately SPM tk dpt A (lets blame it on soalan KBAT) tpi dpt B+ ;) praise to GOD. So yeah moral of the story: no one fails forever and if you fail once or twice or thrice or sevenrice hihi its okay just keep telling yourself you are gonna kick that F's butt the next time. ;)
(Aku dh kata panjang gile yo)
(Kenapa aku selalu start dgn BM tapi akhiri dgn B.I lol)