Is it fun to be rich?

Assalammualaikum w.b.t and hellooo everybadehhhh,
okay what a cocky title right?? hahaha
this is quite an important topic lah jugak as that question kind of open my eyes to a lot of blessings that I took for granted.

So here how the stories goes, me and my dear friend drove back home right after distressing ourselves in Aeon and she popped up the question "Nur, (yes they call me nur here not mira) tolong jgn terasa tau tapi just nak tanya syok tk jadi anak org kaya?"

and i was ( o.o ) ??? what? HAHAAAHAHAA pelik nya soalan tu, nur kaya??? then i paused and I thought shit I am rich la haha but i just answer her question like this : 'I don't know because maybe to you I look rich but to me there are more richer people than me." and there is that.
To be honest, I have never consider myself as rich. Seriously. Not just me but also my little sister and my little brother. Why??

Because we were born to a mom who always say NO YOU CANNOT BUY THAT AND IF YOU WANT TO BUY, USE YOUR OWN MONEY. So.. me and my little siblings selalu jugak ikat perut, sacrifice duit makanan kantin utk beli barang yg tk manfaat. haha.

Not to mention, haritu I crashed my mom's car and I had to pay her around RM2000. Some parents would usually brush it off and forgive you haha but not mine folks. I must go to work and pay. Tu pasal after SPM, aku terus kerja, carik duit and so on. Nak mintak discount-because-i-am-your-child pon takleh tau, mama strict gila mintak byr RM2000 jugak (kalau lebih pon takpe, ceh). So dekat situ aku belajar peritnya hutang and memang nk avoid hutang dgn sesapelah. Nasib baik my first time hutang dgn parents not with some Along Gangster.

Furthermore, rather than saying I am rich,.. I would rather agree with you if you say I am blessed. Because, it's true. Allah the Almighty has blessed me with so much masyaAllah and it is so sad that it took quite a number of years for HIM to show me that. Yes I do say Alhamdulillah but its mostly for a good weather, oxygen, a good grade, pain and health and a completed challenge or even when I win in any competition or battles of life.

However it was never for my parents' income, never for the clothes that I have, or for how easy is it was to ask my dad to change my phone from stinky, kedekut GB oppo to a Samsung J5, or even for how I view a RM30 blouse cheap yet for other's it is expensive, or for how I view my monthly allowance as not enough when it is actually half the pay for most 24/6 workers or even for my moments when I am tounge-tied to make dua because I just do not know what more to ask as I believe I have enough . Never really. Astaghfirullah
Like I said, I do know I am blessed and I do say alhamdulillah for what I have but I realize now that I am blessed far more than most people. Take my trip to Korea as an example, I would usually brush of people's perception about how rich my parents are by saying "we a got a cheap ticket" but when they ask how much I seriously don't know and deep in my heart even when I tell them the cheap price they would still see me as stinking rich. I was also blessed with a quick understanding of my subjects now unlike before and when others struggle to answer,  Allah easily remind me of what I read. I am blessed too much by Allah the Most Merciful and Beneficient.
Alhamdulillah to that.

However, :') even when I am blessed with worldly items, how can I be sure that is not just a blessing but more a testament to how I become a better slave for HIM? I've read somewhere once "If you cannot compete with them in the worldly life then compete them for the After life." And I look up to that.

Coming back to my dear friend who asked the question, sure He gave her stuff that are lesser than mine, a phone more cokia BUT I am really embarrassed to measure hers and mine good deeds. Her humbleness, good deeds, the way she acts around her friend, the way she jaga her solat is far better than me and even though she always compare her wealth, grades and even health (!!) to mine, I could not help but think she should feel far more blessed than me. I hope she could see that me and my parents success are by Allah. Ni semua pinjaman je, not just a pinjaman but amanah. A responsibility. It is because HE will take me into record of HOW I use His blessings. How did I raise the ranks of my religion with this wealth? How did I spent my health for him? How did I use my wealth for helping others to know Islam? How did I use my phone and laptop to spread dakwah?

 I may look like I have everything but when it comes to the deen and soul, I lack a lot.
So Alhamdulillah for my blessings and especially for the question that my friend ask " Is it fun to be rich?"
still same answer "entahlah nak but alhamdulillah :)"
p/s My success is only by Allah s.w.t. My parents wealth, and my good grades are all given by Allah. I am nothing but a slave who owe HIM alot.