Assalammualaikum, dear Amirah let me share a story about your dad hahaha.
As we all know his name is Ramli bin Ahmad, born in 1968 to loving parents who resides in Pendang, Kedah (I wonder if I got that right). Your father is a wonderful man, often surprising us with his humble, caring , loving and kind posture. I could not really say that you have a close relationship with your dad if I'm gonna compare it with your mom (because I share a lot of secrets with her) but I will say this: you love him... ALOT.
Once upon, I got this idea to wrote ALL my notes (chemistry, physic, bio and etc) in small pieces of paper so that I could bring them around easily and use my free time wisely. Furthermore, I decided to wrote them all in coloured pens. At that time I had a set of stabilo pens in which is not complete because I had lost/misplace a few pens here and there.
Therefore, I decided to whatsapp my dad to ask him to buy me the pens. I could have asked him to buy certain colours that I had lost but being a greedy and immature child, I asked him to buy the whole set (secretly slapping my immature self). Of course he replied "huh" but I persuaded him by telling him why I needed those pens. ("for SPM" lol evil girl)
A few days passed and one evening my dad came home with a plastic bag that looked heavy and placed it on the table. He said it was for me and with a questioning look, I open the plastic bag and found (around) 57 coloured stabilo pens. What had me so surprised is that it wasn't in a set but each and every pen had a price tag on it.
Then my dad explained to me that he went to every shop and he couldn't find it (later on I found out that they did not sell it in Malaysia, huh) and so he went to Rainbow (a bookstore) and bought each and every coloured stabilo pens. He even told me that he tested it all to make sure they could be used.
Upon hearing this my mom scolded me and then my dad for wasting so much money. (she didn't knew hehehe) I felt so guilty that I immediately offered my dad a deal, which is to not give me any birthday present next year and yes this is the most pathetic deal ever but I didn't know how to repay his kind gift.
I also wrote a mental note to strive hard for my SPM, so that I could get straight A's.

A few days ago, I had just finished answering my last SPM paper (Bio) and when I remembered this incident... I wasn't sure if my effort was enough to get straight A's... I for sure do not know what my result will be but after this incident it kind off opened my eyes to see how Allah had blessed me with a caring and loving father.
Though I may not succeed in this wordly life, I might as well repay his good deeds by being a good daughter, so that I wouldn't burden him in the after life. He doesn't desereve a touch of fire from Hell at all after what he had done and sacrificed for our family. Same goes to my mom. Therefore, do remember to be a good daughter Amirah, it's the least you could do. =)
Other than that stabilo pen gift when he had gotten the news that my mom is pregnant with me(or to be more specific: amirah in the placenta, surrounded by the endometrium wall and located in the Vagina) he worked day and night and most of his pay is stashed away to buy a car because it was his dream goal to bring me home in a car, instead of a motorcycle. =')
Hahaha so sweet ^^
You know what, eventhough he may seem strict and stressed all the time, you should just take a moment and observe him. From the wrinkles around his bloodshot eyes, the grey hair that is slowly creeping between the black ones, his lips that are often in a thin line and his wizened structure. Only then would you realize how old he is getting and how little time you both have left to make each other happy.
So do it, you immature and greedy girl, make him happy and make him proud and may Allah continue to protect this man from the whispers of Syataan and the false stories of Dajjal and provide him a house in Jannah, near Allah. Furthermore, let him enter it without a touch of fire from Hell.

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