The 17 year old Amirah

I eat but would often feel empty, I laugh at my sister and my mom's sarcastic jokes, I make bad decisions that turned out to make me a better person, my optimism had my mom worried, my depression is what I'm fighting constantly, I believe in Allah so much to the the point that I'm not worried going out all alone, I love my little sister and brother alot, I love my mom and dad too, I'm often thinking of doing certain good deeds but sometimes does not accomplish it, I can't let go of my past (like an argument or a fall or any stupid stuff that I did), The ones that I love the most are the ones that hurt me the most and I can't get enough of them, I care about my friends alot, I do things that people don't expect me to do, I want to put Allah frst and everything else secondary, everyday I find myself in love with Islam, I wish to become a better muslimah, I value honesty and a personality that is not fake therefore I won't stop acting like myself, my friends say I'm a friend that is so childish yet mature at the same time, I hug people who are sad instead of asking them why they are sad, I constantly admire women who wears ' tudung labuh ' and abaya because they are very modest yet pretty at the same time and my dream is to dress like those women, I want to go to Turkey badly, I want to eat now, I want to go to Mecca to purify myself, I'll sleep at 9/10/11pm and wake up at 1/2 am (sometimes I think Allah is telling me to do Tahajjud), I'm obsessed with the sky, I love Allah and wish to know more about Nabi Muhammad and now I shall go eat.

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