To me: Love is like the sky.
No matter how somber the weather may be it is an axiom that after every heavy rainfall the sun would always shine and after the roseatte rainbow started to fade, a tempest may arrive then this cycle will repeat .
How is this related to love? I guess it just shows that when we broke up/get rejected by somebody everything would turn out bad and sad but, yeah, after learning how to forget we would surely fall in love with another human being and this cycle will repeat because just like how the sky is a part of nature, falling in love and wanting to be love is a part of the human nature.
We're all ready to let down our walls and let him/her ensconce theirselves in our heart comfortably cause we can never fight this ardor feeling and we as humans, no matter what gender you are, would always be ready to sacrifice a piece of our own soul just so that we could enscribe our name on top of "the one and only's" heart. Yet, sometimes we failed and here comes the thunder!! "Oh boohooo she/he doesn't like me uweekkk TㅅT" but hey remember that the rain is just an impase in your life, like I said you would forget them, move on and fall in love again.
17 Years living in this world, I've not only learn that love is like the sky but love is about loving Allah first because even if it rains I could atleast appreciate the droplets of water falling from the sky and the free nature orchestra. Then when it shines, I could appreciate the azure cornflower sky more than I do before.
I've also learnt that after reaching the zenith of my life the next route is going down and with Allah's help and love I am prepared. 
Hahaha, sorry I change my answer: love is about putting Allah first ;)

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