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You know what? Every single time I look at the world and my life, I could never say anything more than "Alhamdulillah..for Islam"

Alot of netizens might assume that our religion is the most obnoxious, most... Yeah can we just throw every bad word in here? It's because I literally forgot what all those people said... But whenever I look back at my past and trying to peek at my future... I am forever and ever grateful to know that it is my religion that helped me to get through those problems that I had faced and also will face.

One of the verse in the Quran that have helped me through my dark era is "Allah does not burden any soul with more than he can bare." {2:286} =) this verse thought me that whatever problems I'm facing right now is something that I can overcome, this verse gave me hope and confidence that I can head down this mountain and climb back up again, not easily of course but I'll complete this task for sure with HIS help because He had said : "and HE found you lost and guided you" (surah adh-dhuha 93:7)


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